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Susan S

This is a powerful video!When do we begin recognizing the cries for help? Every night I read about children being failed by the adults in their lives. Failure is NOT an option! Our future depends upon it. How many hours are agonized over just the right words for institutional mission statements? How can institutions take apart the structures that perpetuate the status quo? Specifically, how can IUPUI teaching preparation courses support teaching strategies that include student voice and relevance? Are we listening????


Very impressive video expressed in the culture of today's educational attitude. We need to begin blending philosophy and practice so that we begin speaking the same language. This video is a perfect example of two groups both on the side of children but speaking "foreign" languages from each other. When did the TEST replace the children at the center of education? This video is a great example of student voices in the advocacy for children's basic rights.


Powerful stuff! I continue to struggle with how we support or students on the road of teaching for social justice once they enter the public school system. Sustaining this energy and nourishing it so it can grow as they teach in public schools is still my issue. How do we build capacity and sustainability? Thoughts from others?

Lonni Gill

Such an empowering video, I wish people of all generations and political persuasions could see this. When do children/young people recognize that it isn't working? My grandson is in Kindergarten and is not socially aware enough to realize that he is not "doing school" like "they" want him to - a timed math test with 25 problems to complete in 5 minutes with problems like 9+2. What are we doing to these children and why?

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