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I have tried something similar with 7th graders and found that, on the day I did a breathing exercise at the beginning of class, my students were notably calmer for the rest of the lesson. Could be an effective tool - especially after lunch!


Finally! It's about time we believe that children can focus and harness their own energy in a developmentally appropriate way. Talk about turning deficit thinking on it's ear. For too long we have labeled our children ADD/ADHD and prescribed meds instead of teaching them strategies.... LOVE IT!

Lonni Gill

Children are so much brighter than we give them credit for- I have been teaching strategies to children and adult learners for a long time. I used visualization with my first graders and community circles with my fourth graders to solve many issues that they faced. Once the principal asked me why she didn't see my students in her office after lunch. She was seeing students from the other fourth grade classrooms. I wanted to tell her it was because I was having the class community meetings everyday before lunch (the ones she forbid me to have, saying that we did CONTENT in fourth grade), but I just grinned and shrugged my shoulders.

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