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Ms. W

Is Edy saying that there aren't "compassionate, skilled teachers" in public schools??? I was willing to at least hear her out until that line.

I have a student with Autism in one of my classes this semester. This student has a very unique schedule because of the needs s/he has as an individual student. S/he is also very high functioning in my classroom. To be frank, I never would have known that s/he had a severe case of Autism had I not received this student's IEP. The point of this is just to say that the public school I work in is doing an excellent job of meeting this student's needs. S/he is not isolated from the rest of the world, but is allowed to function with all of the other kids, and this student is doing marvelous!

I'm sure I'm not the only person who can share success stories, and I'm sure there are also many people who can share stories that aren't as successful, but I refuse to believe that isolating these students is the best way to accommodate them.

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