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This has actually come up in conversation twice in the past 2 days (after I read this article, too) - about not treating education as a viable, professional profession, but either as service or as a stepping stone. Many seem to treat it as paying forward in kharma, with the side hope of appealing to future employers and grad schools. It's good to see other data sets come out of studying the longer-term impact of this program.


Hey, let us not let the facts get in the way here. mitch and tony and Mr. White and all the education movers and shakers have embraced TFA as the greatest thing to happen in education reform since charters. They are never wrong and they never base their opinions/policies on the facts.

With jobs hard to come by, these elite school grads see this as a way to set themselves apart from other grads, a marketing tool if you will.

As potential new teachers, or education academics, what have you done to set yourself apart from the crowd? Started or taught at a charter? Mentored inner city students? Joined TFA?

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