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Susan Adams

What puzzles me most is how successfully Indiana has stayed under the radar. Far more intense awareness of and reaction to similar agendas in states like Arizona, Wisconsin and Ohio only seems to create an invisibility cloak for the Indiana Legislature and the Governor to push through their agenda with almost no objection. I think the average citizen has no idea or understanding of the depth of the changes headed our way.

I applaud Dr. Eiler's courage in publishing and plainly speaking what I believe to be the truth about and the reality of the coming, breaking storm. We would batten down the hatches, but alas, those were lost due to funding cuts. I hope that instead of bashing and turning on one another when the storm threatens to undo us, educators will choose to support and encourage each other as Hoosier author, Kurt Vonnegut admonishes:

"We're here to help each other get through this thing - whatever it might be." (Kurt Vonnegut)

We do not yet know exactly what "this thing" will be, but we can choose to respond with intelligence, integrity and inclusivity in the face of a business model that sees teachers and kids as commodities and makes decisions based on profit margins.

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