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Susan Adams

Daniel Pink's research, my own emerging research, and my anecdotal observations tell me that humans will pour themselves out with creativity, generosity and joyful abandon when they feel they are connected to something larger than themselves that really matters. I believe they are even more likely to work like this when they are confident that they are trusted, valued members of an authentic community of like-minded folks.

The flip side is that when people are scared, constantly threatened that their livelihood will be ripped from them, and repeatedly told that their efforts don't measure up next to the performance of others, there is no willingness to take risks, to try new things, and to share with others. Competition becomes coercion. People become paranoid, distrustful and limited in their capacity for innovation. Why would anyone want to work like this? Why would anyone intentionally create this sort of working paradigm?

If you are looking for a response, look no further than the brilliant Sir Ken Robinson's talk that has also been animated by RSA Animate. You will find it here:

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