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Susan Adams

Great job, BOB! (smile)
So now you know I listened all the way to the end of your lecture, right?
It was wonderful to see how effectively your approach brought non-educators into the complexity of our crisis moment. And how exciting to have had someone in the audience who co-wrote the amicus brief calling for the merging of Marion County schools back during the Deseg era! I was gratified to hear echoes of our many long conversations on these issues in your presentation. Kudos!

Todd Alan Price

Well done, you articulated well to this group the political machinations behind "reform" in a clear and understandable manner, no small feat these days. What remains a challenge going forward (and I think public events such as these are the venue) is how to bridge conversations such as these between those who are critical of the federal government over reach (strongest voices tending to be in the Tea Party area) and those who have a decidedly anti-capitalist position, which suggests that the market left to its own devices will destroy the commons (public education, social security, and social welfare too boot!)
I like how you characterize the "conservative" position as one based on incentives; interestingly enough those who would characterize theirselves as liberal along other social issue lines also seem to embrace "incentivizing" as the means to the end of "improving" or "reforming" education. Why is this so? Thanks for starting another conversation around school reform.

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